Welcome to the Grand Chorale
We are a mixed a cappella chorus with a heritage in the Barbershop genre. We sing for the fun of it, and we love to entertain our audiences. 
Join us! We come together from various walks and stages in life.  Some of us are musically trained, but many are not. If you can match pitch, have the desire to make vocal music, and are willing to work at it, we want you! 

“Quick-Start Guide” to the Grand Chorale:
  1. Visitors are welcome to sing with us as many times as they wish. We will provide a packet of guest music, and advise you of part placement.
  2. While a provisional member, you will be monitored and evaluated by the director and your part leader to determine if your voice complements and improves the overall sound of the Chorale. If it does, you will be invited to become an active member. This may take some weeks to determine.
  3. Upon invitation to become an active member, your annual chapter dues (currently $75) are payable.
  4. Maintenance of “active member” status is an on-going process.
  5. Volunteer to help with the day-to-day operations of the chorus.
  6. HAVE FUN!!!!!!
What is expected of each member:
Attend the 2-hour rehearsal each week. Be punctual at rehearsals and performances and notify the director if you are unable to attend.

What each member can expect:
Expect your singing to improve. Expect to be encouraged and have fun. Expect a positive, nurturing experience. Expect to make some new friends. Don’t expect a high-pressure audition, or to be singled out for mistakes.